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House Removals

At York House Removals, we are dedicated to offering quality moving solutions with a personal touch. With an entire team of highly experienced staff and packaging service, you need not worry about safety and execution of our services. You will always receive a welcoming and warm reception from our employees leaving you with a smile after the entire process.

With accreditations we have from the Removals Agency, be sure of our staff taking the greatest care of all your perishable items, expensive antiques or any other product with a sentimental value. We strive in offering prompt and efficient services to new and existing clients no matter what.

House Relocation Service

Leadx's York House Removals accommodate every customer need, whether you are moving to a nearby neighborhood or long distance. We provide with a free quote through email or basically from the telephone conversation. Alternatively, we offer written quote upon visiting your home for the assessment process.

We have the best and competitive rates in York. We incorporate all our extra fees such as labor and packaging materials fees. Clients with personal packing boxes receive discounted packages for the service. With an entire team of professionals, modern technology and equipment, we guarantee you of quality service from the start to the end.

We have a broad range of vehicles accommodating different size of furniture depending on clients. Whether you are moving from a 1bed room house or a 5 bedroom bungalow, you will find an ideal quote that suits your needs and budget. Also, we provide different packaging materials from crates to wrapping papers and hard storage boxes.

To ease the entire task our team labels the individual packages for easier placement in the various rooms upon arrival. Our professional employees undertaking specific tasks such dismantling and assembling of furniture without damaging the household items.

Reliable And Careful Removal Handling

With several years in the industry, we understand extensively the various demands requested by different clients and we are known for the outstanding services if offers in York. We have earned great reputation from our customers who highly recommend our removal services to new clients making us the most recommended company in town.

We attribute our success to professional and dedication we show to our customers when executing our services. Regularly we conduct training seminars for all employees so as to keep up with the latest technology and new rules and regulations demanded by different Agency bodies.

For additional safety, York House Removals offers insurance liability cover for the passengers and all household goods in transit. Also, we have Tracking devices allowing you see the progress of the vehicle ferrying furniture. Our company invoices you upon the completion of the task and confirming that you are fully satisfied.

The whole team is well trained to work with minimal supervision or entirely alone and deliver quality service beyond your expectation. York House Removals will make sure that your last day in the old house is as good as your first in the new home.

For excellent house removals in York, visit the website or reach us on the telephone for a perfect quote.   

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